"Protecting and serving those who protect and serve us."


The staff at PFC provide occupational health services to sworn members of  DCMPD, DCFD/EMS/ Communications, U.S. Secret Service (Uniformed Division), and the U.S. Park Police administering care that is essential to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. The services emphasize prevention and  treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses and are essential to maintaining a healthy, productive public safety workforce.

These services include:

  • Physical Examinations   - Annual and biennial Fitness for Duty Exams, Pre-Employment Return to Duty Exams,  and  Retirement examinations

  • Hair & Urine Drug Testing  - Chain of Custody Urine Drug Testing Program

  • Case Management - Monitor and manage care to ensure l timely and efficient treatment

  •  Injury Management - Acute care of work-related injuries and illnesses,  Short-term disability management, Duty status determination

  •  Psychological Services - Counseling for work-related illness, Applicant suitability screening for law enforcement,  Fitness for Duty assessments and  Post-critical incident assessment

  • Bloodborne Pathogen - Post-exposure surveillance and treatment

  • Wellness Services- Immunization programs,  Healthy Eating, Smoking cessation, and TB Screening programs. Additionally, PFC provides flu shots, cancer screening, and stress reduction classes.

    PFC's Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

    Behavioral health services are provided by a team of clinical psychologists with expertise in the evaluation and management of the full range of problems experienced by law enforcement officials.


    These professionals, in conjunction with a consulting psychiatrist, provide an integrated set of services designed to maximize work readiness and safe return to work.

    The services provided include evaluation and management of traumatic stress and other workplace behavioral health problems including pain and stress management for a range of physical injuries.