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FAQ (frequently asked questions)


            1.    What are your hours of operation?

            2.    Can I use my own doctor?

            3.    Can I call an outside specialist and make my own appointment?

            4.   How do I reschedule an appointment?

            5.    What do I need to take with me to an appointment?

            6.    How do I dress for physical therapy?

            7.    How does an MRI work, and how should I dress?

            8.    How do I get my x-ray, MRI films?


            Question #1: Hours of Operation

            PFC's hours of operation is Monday thru Friday, 7:00am to 11:00:pm.


             Question #2: Can I use my own doctor?

            Yes, but PFC will not cover any expenses for an outside specialist that we do not refer. Also, the

            patient’s  private insurance may not reimburse them because it may be considered a worker’s 

            compensation injury.

            Question #3:  Appointments for outside specialists

            Appointments must be made by PFC.  A referral will be issued to the specialist and the patient will

            be notified by PFC.



            Question #4:  Rescheduling an appointment.

            If a patient needs to reschedule an appointment, they must speak with their liaison at PFC. That

            liaison must contact the PFC staff member who scheduled the appointment to obtain approval to


            Question #5:  What do I need to take to an appointment?

            Patients must take a picture ID (i.e. driver’s license), MRI or x-rays related to the injury.

            Question #6:  How do I dress for physical therapy?

            The therapist must be able to have access to the injured area. Here are some suggestions related

            to the type of injury:

            Knee, lower body, back - Loose fitting sweats or shorts.

            Shoulder -  sleeveless shirt/blouse.

            Upper back – loose fitting top i.e. sweats (women may want to take a camisole top or tank top).

            Supportive shoes (i.e. tennis or running shoes – NO FLIP FLOPS).


            Question #7: MRI Operation & Dress

            An MRI is a magnet.  For a regular MRI patient will be inside the scanning tube. You may wear

            regular clothing, but no jewelry, hair pins, etc. Police officers must secure weapon before arrival.


            We do referrals to an open MRI, but the images are not as diagnostic.

            If patient is claustrophobic, they must speak with a PFC provider and will be given a prescription

            for a sedative.


            MRI APPOINTMENT.

            Question #8:  Getting your MRI and/or X-ray scans

            At  PFC, speak with the radiology technician.

            For outside films, when the patient first sees the technician they should let the technician know

            that they will need the films (NOTE: MRI may be on CD instead of the actual films).

            If the MRI/x-rays were done prior to needing them, the patient may have to call the hospital where

            their films were done to arrange to get them.

                    Washington Hospital Film Library:  (202) 877-0025
                    Providence Hospital Main Radiology:  (202) 269-7970